Why RAA?

    REC Agents in Australia have increasingly adopted more sophisticated practices and procedures. Recent developments within the industry highlight the need for best practice to be defined and clearly illustrated to new players and current stakeholders within the industry.

    RAA has been established to:

    • Promote the interests of our members.
    • Promote the integrity of market-based mechanisms.
    • Develop and promote a Code of Conduct for REC Agents that are members of RAA.
    • Develop and promote a voluntary Accreditation Program.
    • Ensure a high level of compliance with the Code of Conduct amongst it members.
    • Ensure community and political support for market-based schemes.

    Who is RAA?

    RAA is an incorporated not-for-profit association, managed by a Committee of Management. Members of the Committee of Management have prior experience in managing industry associations, and promoting the interests of members to encourage a transparent and fair operating market.

    RAA employs an Executive Officer. Staff and contractors are engaged as required.

    To investigate complaints against members, according to a set dispute resolution procedure (Refer to RAA Rules) a Conduct Committee will be established as a sub-committee of the Committee of Management.

    Organisational Structure of RAA