What We Do

RAA is funded by membership fees and where applicable, government grants. These funds are used by RAA to administer the Code of Conduct, and promote the interests of members, including ensuring community and political support for market-based mechanisms.

In administering the Code of Conduct, RAA will:

  • Promote the welfare and development of its members. This includes monitoring legislative and regulatory changes in the industry, and providing general information about the rights and obligations surrounding the creation of certificates.
  • Comply with all relevant laws with respect to privacy and discrimination.
  • Work towards improving compliance standards of members, and of the industry in general. This includes working with regulators to monitor and improve compliance of relevant regulations.
  • Deal with disputes and complaints brought against its members (refer to the Dispute Resolution procedure outlined in the RAA Rules for more detail)
  • Alert the relevant regulators when serious breeches of legislation, regulation or standards occur.
  • Regularly publish a list of members, including displaying suspended and disaccredited members on the RAA website.
  • Automatically suspend membership where a formal complaint is received from the regulator, pending resolution of the complaint.