Resolving Disputes

RAA has established a Conduct Committee to investigate complaints against members, and any breeches of regulations. The Conduct Committee follows the Dispute Resolution Procedure outlined in the RAA Rules. A summary of the process is presented below, but for a detailed description, please download the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

Upon receiving a written complaint about a member, the Conduct Committee will consider whether the complaint is substantiated, and if it is in breech of the Code of Conduct, or relevant regulations.

If it is determined to be substantiated and in breech, the Conduct Committee will investigate the complaint. During this time, the Agent’s membership of RAA will be suspended.

  • They will notify the member in writing of the complaint, and require a written response within 14 days.
  • The Conduct Committee shall then meet within 14 days to consider the member’s response.
  • If the Conduct Committee considers, after investigation, that no breech has occurred, then the Agent’s membership shall be reinstated, and a written report of the Committee’s findings provided to both the member and the complainant.
  • However, if a minor breech of either the Code or a Regulation has occurred, the Conduct Committee will direct the member to resolve the dispute within a prescribed timeframe. The member must provide notification to the Committee when the dispute has been resolved, and pay RAA costs associated with investigating the complaint.
  • If the breech is determined to be of a serious nature, the Conduct Committee will suspend the Agent’s membership, and invite the member and the complainant to either address the Committee jointly, or submit further evidence stating their case.
  • If after the above investigations the matter is still not resolved, the Committee may fine the member, including RAA costs for investigating the dispute, and/or continue the Suspension of the member while ongoing investigations occur, or expel the member and cancel the Agent’s membership of RAA. Expulsion/cancellation of membership is recorded on the RAA website.
  • Membership fees, from the date of cancellation/expulsion will be reimbursed.